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  • Why inno doesn’t give a bit? It’s your problem inno even if the deal is tempting we won’t buy those amazing rewards as the Christmas gift, stick to them it’s better but later don’t be surprise if your deals turn to be way worse, because the people of the game has 0 sense of merchandise to possible customers, as I received a response from the staff: it’s normal to receive 1 or 2 stars per day, this is a joke for sure.
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    If you logged in today you received a free decoration
    My granny houst to say: my boy a sock is a sock, we always need socks, even for free, that is for sure, I am not in a free Christmas spirit on the game, I get to see this awful event every day and I cannot “erase it” in any form, it’s absolutely dreadful, happy Christmas to you without “socks” a.k.a in game “free Christmas decoration gift”, ty a lot inno, loooool...
    Winter event its like 2020, poor, shaddy and lets hope that the one on 2021 would be great in order to compensate the previous one...

    Good Christmas, chase that turkey at least a fun activity :p
    Jingle key, Jingle keys
    Jingle all the sideways
    Oh, what fun it is to ride
    On the miss reindeer open sleigh... (miss of reindeers)

    Hey, jingle locks, jingle locks
    Jingle all the miss way
    Oh, what fun it is to picklock
    In a door always miss given (10 lockpic)...

    Jingle bells, jingle bells
    Jingle all the way through
    Oh, what fun it is to be rided
    In an Santas missguided one (santas game without presents)

    OH oh OH oh
    We do need the "santa", where is it? Like to find "wally" but on the christmas eve "event", would be funny, looooool
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