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  1. Update to 1.185 - Feedback

    No, you don't have the old situation. Like Jern said, now you have to swap the units age twice per fight to be able to use that feature as a "rogues filter", instead of just once. And it is a huge deal if you do enough battles in a row.
  2. Just curious... the mindset behind Big Fish stopping Little Fish?

    As you said, FOE is a game. Some people are more competitive than others. That being said, I don't think anyone uses resources to stack items they don't need just so that the "Little Fish" can't have it. Most often they have a use for it, or at least they plan to. Doesn't matter if they take it...
  3. Update to 1.185 - Feedback

    Whoever thought those army filter changes are a good idea probably never did more than 5 battles at once. We've been asking for a rogues filter since forever and when they finally touch the army management, they do this. Unbelievable.
  4. Update to 1.185 - Feedback

    no one gonna talk about the visit tavern bug still not being addressed?
  5. Checkbox in Group Settings to “remove exiting guild members”

    The message system is being reworked and it looks like the new system will work similarly to how you described. You will be able to have several guild threads that will be automatically updated when someone joins or leaves the guild.
  6. Guild Expedition Changes

    So I just finished level 4 and didn't get a single one of these new kits. The chance is like 50% to get something every 4 encounters or so on level 4. So the chances are pretty good but jeez, that was disappointing. It's a bit harder to fight, but I still auto-battle it all the way through in...
  7. Guild Expedition Changes

    what exactly is the drop rate for these kits? For all of us that kept selling these items in the past, I would assume it's not an issue since we're probably gonna get a lot more of these items level 1, than upgrade kits for them.
  8. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    It's a war between guilds. Smart guilds create alliances if it helps them reach their goal. Exactly like GVG in that aspect. Why even bring GVG into this? How is it relevant? Why would I not be allowed to seek an alliance with another guild if it helps me rank higher on the leaderboards? If...
  9. whats the most painful thing that ever happened to you?

    The worst case scenario of an accident is the one that it leaves innocent people and their family/friends in unspeakable conditions, both physically and emotionally.
  10. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    Good suggestion. After a certain point, if you're unlucky enough to get a tough combination, you're stuck, even though you might be able to go much further when facing any other troop types. The ability to reset the troops you face, even if it has a cost to it, would be a nice addition.
  11. Guild Battlegrounds Arrival Feedback

    why is the feedback here being deleted? apparently "looking forward for your feedback" actually means we're looking forward to have you waste your time formulating an argument about a controversial subject, just to delete it when we feel like it . It's a controversial subject, obviously it's...
  12. Share the Love, Everyone wins

  13. Fixed Battle sounds after combat bug

    This was supposed to be fixed a few patches back... And it was... sort of.. The issue was still there during the battle but they made sure that any battle sound stops at the end of the battle. This isn't a fix, it's a workaround but I could live with it. Now the issue is back in all it's glory...
  14. Diamond Special Offer Popups

    I know right... Not sure if this is a bug or it's part of some sort of strategy.
  15. Turn order when battling

    I remember I used to have this problem too when I was fighting on mobile. There were no changes regarding this as far as I know.