100 years war version of Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is awesome, however can always make more game types. The 100 years wars would be awesome, you pick from 4 colonial country's.

You have an island and build it up. Have the great buildings, just it would be of one country. Have a similar production system. Have a main center island that you and local allys feed. Trade takes place there. You fight off pirate attacks, as well as other nations and players.

Basically Forge of empires stops at the colonial age. With way more research in them eras. They use all the current goods, and then some.

One difference besides naval combat would be, you could have the same ground combat system, but as opposed to one unit... It may represent several hundred troops. Rather than a new barracks for each new type of infantry. Each infantry group would have a base... You upgrade the base, you upgrade the troops. So if land attacking a base.. They have towers firing cannon balls, walls.. Traps...

You would have cargo and military ships, that can be upgraded, extensively. You would make a ship hull, and than upgrade it.

The townhall would remain... It would upgrade. You would make buildings to last. An example a farm... It can be upgraded, and the production remains useful. An example is a foundary.. At first it makes horse shoes, some more upgrades makes pistols... Than rifles, than cannons. You upgrade the building and it unlocks more abilities. However your island may not have any mine abilities. You can buy ore to offset this. While stone seems like a lame resource... In the colonial age fortresses ate a lot.

The sector base??? Of your empire... You would feed the base certain goods... Like Tobacco, Cocoa, sugar, Gold, Silver, Copper, Cotton. These goods are set on ships to be sent to the home country. Higher level players would escort them ships home... If they fail.. The goods are lost, and your fleet is probably sunk. Which makes you a low end player again.

Ships would have experience... So once they have a certain amount can upgrade them. Things like larger masts, add another gun deck... Substantial upgrades... Might require forge points used on the ship.

Would make a fun version of Forge of Empires.

Oswyn the kind

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i like the idea...especially the battle mentality. let say the foe devs create this game..would like to preserve the incidents feature. and focus on the emphasis on making game a bit more affordable for frugal players -those who arent willing to shell out bucks to spend on precious diamonds:p

Super Catanian

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What if a new Cultural Settlement feature is added? This new culture (I’m thinking Colonial America) would have some of these elements.
Or how about a new permanent Cultural Settlement? Kind of like the one for Space Age: Mars, but Cultural?


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