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3rd Recurring Quest in OF

Lady Egwene

New Member
I use recurring quests + Chateau, and although 2 recurring quest are great, 3 are even better. I thought it was only possible to have 3 RQs when one reaches the end of the available story quests (ie end of last age), but a few players had mentioned in the forums that they had- somehow - managed to have 3 RQs in earlier ages (I think in Future and AF, but not sure I remember correctly). Also they did not remember the combination of map progress + Tech progress that triggered the 3rd RQ, so I thought I may only get the 3rd RQ (if ever) if I reach the end of the storyline (before the next age is released), which is doubtful.

I am currently in OF - and completely unexpectedly - I managed to get a 3rd RQ! Nice Surprise :) It came up after I completed the last OF Story quest: "Sunset: Scout Leviathan Wreck". I was expecting the next story quest (VF) which is 'Booting Up:Reach the New Continent Map', but got a 3Rrd RQ instead :)

I have not completed the OF tech, neither the OF map. Not sure if it is the map, or tech (or both), that caused this.

In OF Tech I had completed up to 'Advanced Heliograph' Tech. (have not researched 'Lifeguarding' yet)

In OF Parts 1-2, I had conquered everything except "Walled Gulf" province.
In OF Parts 3-5, I had conquered all provinces.
In OF Part 6, I had conquered everything except 'Typhoon Peninsula', at the time I scouted and conquered 'Leviathan Wreck' (last province).
This enabled me to get the ship to reach the VF map. And once the 'scout leviathan' was completed, the 3rd recurring quest came up :)

The 3rd RQ remains while advancing in the VF map I (am in the 3rd part of the VF map now).

I do not plan to conquer the remaining two OF provinces (walled Gulf and Typhoon Peninsula), nor do any more OF research, as I am afraid either may make the 3rd RQ disappear. I will just gather enough orichalcum, and then do all the remaining tech in one go, when ready to move to VF.

Hope this is helpful for anyone else wanting to have a 3rd RQ in OF.
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Lady Egwene

New Member
Update on above now that I moved to VF:

The OF map remained as is (two provinces not conquered).

In tech: I completed all the OF techs, and checked that after each one the 3 RQs remained. Only after I moved to VF (completed the 1st VF tech) was the 3rd RQ replaced by the next story quest.
My conclusion (so far): Once the OF story quests are completed -and as long as one is still in OF tech wise - there are 3 RQs. (I hope the same may be true at the end of VF story quests : )


Active Member
Well that sure would be nice, in my CA city I'm stuck on a story quest to build an indy-level military building. In my OA city I havent even bothered with the map because whats the point, I'll just be stuck on another impossible quest or get screwed out of a daily.

Lady Egwene

New Member
An update for VF: Unfortunately, (unlike OF) we don't get a 3rd recurring quest when completing the VF story quests :(
I had not completed all of the VF map (a handful of provinces unconquered), nor completed the last VF Research (High definition VR).
When I completed the last VF story quest ("System Restored: Acquire Game Over"), the 1st SAM story quest came up ("Probing the Future: Research Spacefaring"), instead of the hoped-for 3rd recurring quest :(
It seems this works for OF only (so far).