[Poetry] A Knight of Other Kind


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This is a bit old and short, had written it while watching Season 2 of Game of Thrones (based on the books A Song of Ice and Fire by G.R.R. Martin), inspired by Brienne of Tarth. And while I am no writing master, I figured it kinda fits into FoE, knights and all that jazz so I decided to share it. ;)

There is something special about this one,
Fiery girl that over every boy a battle has won.

She wants no flower or chocolate boxes from others,
But values honor and chivalry from her knightly brothers.

She might be no princess in a dress,
But she sure is one fierce damsel in distress.

Built as a titan from the ancient myths of Greece,
She fights with valor to achieve pure justice and peace.

Feel free to mock her ‘beauty’,
But you better watch out when she’s on duty.

She swings and slashes like a master with her sword,
And whether it’s day or night, her skills will not be ignored.


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lol You'd be wrong to assume so, it's all outta respect.

While I do occasionally fall for a fictional character or two, or people on the screen in this case, I cannot allow myself to get clingy to characters I know are getting slaughtered. And nope, not a spoiler, anyone who has read the books or watched the show knows everybody meets their end sooner rather than later.