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Rejected ~ A True PvP experience ~


New Member
Imagine if you could log in to the game, hit a "PvP" button, and you get a pop-up of all online players. It auto-scrolls to show you in a list, with your attacking army A/D and those closest to your own A/D in your age/era and vicinity. You pick someone and send a challenge to them, part of the challenge being the age you'd like to battle them in... They get a notification popup of the challenge, and have a choice of "Yes", "give me 5 minutes", or "Decline". If they accept the challenge, it pops both players their troop screen, so they can select their troops, then takes both players in to a game screen no different then when you enter any other fight to do it manually. A manual fight, human to human, each using their attacking army A/D they've been building, but having to choose their troops wisely - trying to out-wit the opponent and choose a good line-up of troops that may (or may not..) counter the opponent's troops.
A weaker player could beat a bit stronger player just by choosing a good lineup of troops that may counter what the other person chose. You have to think, and strategize...no more going in to a fight with a heavy and 7 rogues, and hitting auto and thinking your God's gift to the FoE world. If you come in with that line-up, the other person will just do what the AI here is apparently incapable of doing: Take out the real troop and whiff out the rogues. This would certainly be much more exciting than the current PvP, which relies on attacks to other's cities, the vast majority who don't even bother to do anything towards city defense in the least. That's boring, and just a rote thing people do to knock out a few minutes for a few extra....not much.
I've been doing this game for years....and it's gotten to be repetitious and boring, with even all the events being just the same ol', same ol' in a new skin. I'd like to breath a bit of life in to this game, and I believe a True PvP experience would do just that.
Let's see a True PvP, where two people can fight one-on-one, with the attacking armies we've been building! What say you?