adding any friends, will track, and rtf for all who buff daily.


Hi I'm a new player, looking to grow to the 80 player friends list max. Will follow friend instructions. Looking for 5/7 return to keep on friends list, thanks any who are willing.

Have 6 GBs to contribute to for medals.

Thanks again,
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The max number of friends you can have is 80 and that includes yourself, so you cannot add more than 79 people really.


Already on my friends list Papo =) Still looking for more though, have about 40 slots left, and I have most GB's if you need BPs. Missing 4


I still got room for more...if you like someone that M&P daily/nightly!!!!!


invited you, but you havent responded. I have all GBs, but deal in my qeue, come join me as a friend for BPs =)