Ascended Masters Guild Is Recruiting All Ages!

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    Aug 6, 2018

    Hello friends!

    Ascended Masters is a guild of mindful and virtuous individuals seeking wisdom and glory in Forge of Empires! The secret of getting ahead is getting started, join us for an experience of the ages!

    If you're a person who likes to learn to grow through adversity and likes to be a part of a team of like minded individuals, this is the place for you!

    Currently guild is open for anyone interested via auto join, if you need assistance contact LordPhoenix1337 on Odhrorvar server for an invite! Hope to see you soon!

    Update: As of August-2018, we're mostly pre-colonial age. So this is the perfect guild if you're just starting Forge of Empires! We're always seeking active members of all ages to help us with Guild Expedition!

    Our goal is to be a top 100 guild on Odhrorvar one day. But there is no rush to the top of the mountain. All we require of you is to login a few times per week and to maintain constant growth in your city, nothing over the top. Remember, it is important to be patient because good things take time and patience is a virtue. We're acquiring new members every week and building a tight knit family of friends. We're all here to have fun and enjoy this amazing game!

    Wisdom Mantra
    1. The love of learning is akin to wisdom, the ultimate aim for the transcended mind.
    2. The way of learning to be great consists in manifesting the highest virtues and loving the people.
    3. Knowing others is good judgement, knowing yourself is intelligence.
    4. The price for wisdom often acquired through various hardships and ordeals involving great pain and self-sacrifice.
    5. The right understanding, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration can grant you a penetrative understanding of all phenomena and see things as they are with freedom from suffering.

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