Be a Pirate! Join the Jolly Rogers Guild - May 2020


Ever want to pillage and plunder across the 7 seas?

Ahoy, Matey the Pirate Life is for you!

We crimp anyone who is interested in GE and GBG. We have 5,10,20,30,50, & 100 FP threads, sticks to bricks, goods trades, GE and special events threads to assist our Pirate fleet. Our Pirate community is diverse with new players just getting their sea legs to the experienced sea dog.

Most buccaneers polish/motivate daily. Taverns are almost always full of carousers.

Only scallywags can't complete a minimum of 16 GE encounters (level one) each week. Do it or feed the fish.

Take quarter with us! Don't be a landlubber or bilge rat unless you want to walk the plank and see Davy Jones' Locker!

Climb Jacob's ladder and take ride on a pirate ship
. Yo Ho Ho if you have questions.