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Been away for awhile, looking for a quality guild!


New Member
I have been away from the game for a couple of years. When leaving I put my city in a guild I created called "Storage".
I am currently looking for a quality guild with good membership to join...


Active Member
My guild I founded is for you always open , bjm362....// langendorn world ....//named ..//GISELA ....//after my first auntie, may she rest forever with us


Active Member
Yes Johnny B. Goode , just in case this player is already active in more than one world ................
i have a guild in Yorkton. it is geared towards fans of Harry Potter, but it welcomes members who are not fans. its name is HPROX, and we are active in GBG, GE, and are looking to expand in GvG. we have management positions open for any interested, and are always looking for new players. we are friendly and competitive, and dont tolorate drama. for more details, look at the description. we would love to have you as a member, bjm362:)