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Being Attacked by bullies


I agree to the "bullying" aspect in this city. I have even reached out to a few and asked what the motive was ( of which they did not have a response). This is a GAME, true, but a true gamer wants to challenge themselves, not take cheap shots at those they can get easy wins off of. I don't mind a fair fight, but just today, I was hit SIX times! If I was this lucky in the real world, I would have won the lottery by now. And for what? A few coins from my broke down houses (which is all they got). Doesn't really seem worth it to me. I am interested in this "neighborhood shuffle" though. I have not been playing for long, so didn't even know, but I am hoping it will occur soon. Please enlighten. :)

Darth Mole

Well-Known Member
You might benefit from looking at some recent threads rather than resurrecting dead ones from 2016.
No longer relevant.


Simply because I have not been playing for years does not mean I do not have the right to share my opinion. Free country (atleast where I live) And was also asking a question.


Being attacked by people 5 eras ahead of you is obscene. How does one even defend ones self from that type of attack. Its like David and Goliath fight and F.O.E is not god hahaha. What say you people? You think there is a way to defend against people 5 eras ahead of you? If so please let me know. Any one who post to this in a unsympathetic way may your crotch be infested by maggots and flies. All joking aside can someone please tell me how does one defend against such odds?
When I'm being repeatedly attacked I set everything for 24 hours at a time they don't attack but at a time I know I can get to it


Good advice! I must admit, back then as a "newbie" it was quite disturbing. But now I have been playing for awhile, not that I do not get attacked or plundered, but just doesn't matter as much. But lesson to new players, if you play long enough, it does get better! :)