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Black Rose -Cometh the hour, cometh the ..


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Remember when you now started playing, lost and tech sprinting your way to glory? Until someone had the temerity to tap you on the shoulder and dry your wet ears?

To this end I joined a little guild (level 6) with a membership of 5 and I am looking for a bit of help to get the guild up on its feet-after all we have been there haven't we? It is a challenge probably one of the few left in the game that will benefit others .

The guild has no free daily fps -they get 12k coins and not much to speak of resource wise- just Heart .

So to this end looking for about 2 -3 patient and game savvy spammers...err persons within the era of IA to Col to do a bit of GE and help with a bit of guidance etc over the short term .

If interested contact Cinderhart / eatswithfork or myself ingame.


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Its been awhile since I posted here ..so time to update the guild status .

So its a few months since I joined Blackrose and things are looking up . We have used a combination of adverts on global chat , random players joining ( some staying, some going inactive and others leaving) and messaging potential recruits (unguilded active players) and are now in a position where we have about 15 active members ; all GErs ranging in age from IA to Progressive .

We are almost level 10 ( 6k/17k) and that all important daily fps. Treasury allows for unlocking up to level 3 GE consistently and while we do sometimes get blown away in GE we average about 40% participation rate with no quota involved. Most have been acquiring the early main gbs and trying to level them .
Lots of bumps, bruises along the way and while all haven't been smooth sailing we are thankful of finding good people which have helped in the growing process of both the players and the guild. Special thanks the advice from the forum especially from the questions sub-forum and would recommend anyone who wants help their guildies have a read.

So if you are in the neighbourhhod , do GE and like to have a chat or two -feel free to drop by..


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Sorry Rider I am not the Leader in the Guild nor Founder so cant answer that question -so contact Cinderheart in game.

In other news we currently have 19 members on the books and the guild being founded as being both competitive and player centered continues to make inroads in guild development. This is in part to a visitor buddy of mines Kill Vill and the now convalescing Mr. Longshanks who helped (unwittingly in some instances) to develop the path of some of the newer players pushing them to put down more military gbs and participate in fps swaps. It does highlight the importance of cross pollination in a guild -in terms of having players from more successful guilds joining even for a short time- to help pivot the membership towards progress.

We had a titanic struggle in GE -our best yet - two guilds were a cut above the rest and quickly our opponents set out to create a big lead . WE settled into second and slowly tried to claw our way back and by Friday its was down to a 5 % lead. We normally average about 54 % with a peak value of 63.6% and the Hermits were quickly closing in on our upper limit. WE don't have GE mandatory quotas and some of our players were busy in real life..By Saturday things were looking grim , but our guildies started to churn out personal bests and now it was a 2 % margin between them and us ..things were getting hot now..

I have no idea what was taking place at the other guild but we were basically trying our best-knowing that it was a high chance of failure (2nd) .By Sunday we were in a tense struggle exchanging the lead with the Hermits with no one pulling away by more than 1.3%. Two of our players who were busy irl then joined in and we were able to brush past our previous best and gain a small advantage Sunday night. This changed again later that night but finally early Monday Morning this greeted us:

Absolutely brilliant work by BlackRose members :)
And we live to fight another day!


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The Guild known as Blackrose is no more. It breathed its last on Sunday at 1:45am when the Founder suddenly and inexplicitly left FoE and dissolved the guild which was about 2 years in existence. The members wish to thank all those who have expressed condolences and your kindness has been well received and appreciated. Blackrose was a level 27 guild at the time of her demise with 38 active souls on board , with a high score of 114 % in GE and an average daily GP of 12 k as a result of HoFs, GE and GVG. This was due to its wonderful members both past and present who lent the Ole Girl quite a reputation for being a great place to be with a good time to be had by all.

I would like to thank our Leaders/members for reforming quickly after the event as we begin to move forward .We shall continue to uphold our traditions of placing people above players , cooperative and social gaming and having fun as we will be coming to a place near you soon.