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Brisgard: // Small Guild Looking to get larger

Discussion in 'Guild Hall' started by angelwerks, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. angelwerks

    angelwerks Guest

    We are looking for new people to join us and help us get stronger.

    Requirements: Wanting to play and learn. Learn what a guild really is and trade among members to augment your cause, And ours.

    Help From Players whom have conquered many territories as well as many whom haven't.
    We will teach you the meaning of resources and attempt as best as we can to explain it.
    You will only need to apply and have a minimum score of whatever you want. Just as long as it grows.
    Also, with time, you will notice your rise into the top 5 ranks in your own neighborhood and gloat at your fame.

    Remember, you aren't Obliged to stay, However, you wouldn't want to leave if you have been a great source of help, and reception.
    Contact Angelwerks ,

    Thank you.
  2. josngglybear

    josngglybear Guest

    josngglybear wants to join

    Hi--I am looking for a good guild who helps each other. I tried to find you in Brisgard to ask for an invite but no luck so I'm sending this request. :) Thanks

  3. DarkTwist

    DarkTwist Guest

    Good luck on your guild's journey!
  4. tavin44

    tavin44 New Member

    Oct 15, 2012
    My toons name is Kyotto i would also appreciate an invite to your guild if thats possible.
  5. gimccla

    gimccla Guest

    tavin44: The guild name is "Bud". You can also go to the world menu to search "angelwerks" to message him.

    angelwerks: You might get more luck recruiting if you let people know the name of the guild so they can research it.

    Hope this helps.
  6. Mystic

    Mystic Guest

    Thank you gimccla, for adding that information. I didn't realize it was missing. And yes, the name of our Guild was "Bud"...But we have just merged with another guild to help with trades and support. The new guild name is Tenant Eviction/Bud We welcome anyone looking for a guild, information, assistance or guidance...the more the merrier..lol. We believe that the more we help others, the more it will benefit our members. You can search the guild by the name Tenant Eviction/Bud or you can send a message to angelwerks, thegreatprimal or myself, Mystic for an invite.

    Thank you for your interest... - Mystic
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 17, 2012
  7. Muadibe

    Muadibe Guest

    How do you bring up the "World" menu? I'm still trying to get my head around how many people appear to be on my server here in the forums yet only a small handful while I'm in game. Where are the rest of you guys in game?
  8. gimccla

    gimccla Guest

    This isn't exactly the right place for this question. If you click the world (people) tab in the bottom left corner of your city screen, it will bring up the screen with a list off all players. There is a tab for all guilds as well. We try to keep the forum "organized" so it is easier for players to find answers to their questions. Good luck and happy hunting.
  9. Muadibe

    Muadibe Guest

    I was responding to a post made here about clicking on the "world" menu. I still don't see it though. I do see a button that looks like a group of people but its marked "global" rather than "world," and doesn't appear to have that functionality. Instead it brings up a tab that has three options, one to see where you rank, one to see your own guild, & another for your guild's forum.
  10. Lanthano of Kruptos

    Lanthano of Kruptos Active Member

    Nov 13, 2012
    Your asking here made perfect sense to me, since you were, as you said, directly responding to a response in this thread. None the less...

    Yes, you are looking for Global, not World. (The World map takes you to sectors you can acquire, but is accurately called the Continental Map.)
    Click the '3 people icon' (Global), which extends the top of that nav box, then click the '2 olive branches' icon (Global Ranking). That will open a box titled Ranking.
    Now click the middle tab, 'Guilds'. At the top right, is a text box. Type in Tenant Eviction/Bud and click the 'magnifying glass' icon. You should fing the guild. Click the 'castle' icon to see info on the guild and instructions on how to join.
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012
  11. gimccla

    gimccla Guest

    The global tab is the one to search the "world". You can do a search for anyone in the world where you see your rank. On that same screen (ranking) is a tab for guilds. You can search for any guild.
  12. Rufio

    Rufio Guest

    Iam thinking of merging my guild with another if intrested contact me on details its alot harder getting one off the ground then i thought when i dont have the help to do it