Byzantine Empire is looking for you


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Join Byzantine Empire now, we have nine slots available for High Middles Ages and below.

1. We are level ten
2. I have all the great buildings you will need to feed off of including the Arc and newly added Cape Canaveral.

3. We compete in the Guild Expeditions weekly. We have reserves to open level four for the next year in the High Middles Ages.
4. Great way to stock up on your forge points, blue prints, and medals - and win more prizes.
5. All resources stay inside the guild.
6. Guild is kept small and manageable. No loafers will be tollerated.
7. Open enrollment with one month dedication period.
8. We take our time and we don't care about advancing through the ages unless we have to.
9. Our towns are optimized for the greatest goods, guild power, and forge point outputs.
10. Sorry friends, we do not participate in the GvG.

We only have one requirement...Please don't advance past HIGH Middle Ages. This is so we can keep advancing into level four of the guild expeditions. If you wish to advance past my age, we thank you for your efforts in the guild and wish you well in future endeavors.

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