Changelog 0.18 (Colonial Age)


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Hello Kings and Queens,

Here is the latest update coming to your server on or about October 15th, 2012! There may be some downtime during the updates and we apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

With the update to 0.18 we introduce a completely new age called the "Colonial Age". We have added tons of content for your pleasure!


Colonial Age!

  • 54 new story quests that kick in after the Late Middle Age
  • Free a princess
  • Meet decadent king Louis XXI and his spoiled wife Sophie Antoinette
  • Will revolution spread to your kingdom?
  • Play through a dramatic story with a surprising twist
  • Introducing a new character that gives quests
  • Enter a new area on the continent map that spans over 8 provinces
  • Plus 70 new “normal quests” (that can be aborted or skipped)
  • Including the winning quest from the quest competition in the forum
  • Meet pirates, send expeditions, get colonies, start trading with foreign goods and much more

  • 4 new Residential buildings!
  • 4 new Workshop buildings!
  • 5 new Goods buildings with 5 new goods (Coffee, Paper, Wire, Porcelain and Tar)!
  • 5 new Military buildings (Including the 5 new units, Ranger (With the Stealth skill), Musketeer, Dragoon, Grenadier and Field Gun!)
  • 4 new Culture buildings!
  • 9 new Decorations!
Late Middle Age Bonus Content!
  • Brand-new content that kicks in after finishing the current map (after conquering Mount Killmore)
  • This content is purely optional to do for players that like a challenge and want nice rewards
  • Takes place in an additional quest slot and in a new area on the continent map
  • 7 challenging provinces, with tough fights
  • Cool rewards, including goods, units, medals and diamonds
  • Sees the return of old enemies that lust for revenge
  • An exciting story, that spans over 62 quests (although the actual length will be shorter, because some of the quests are parallel)
  • Multiple different endings
Overall new functions connected to quests and the map
  • Quests that deal with medals
  • Quests that require you to pay or collect goods
  • A third quest slot
  • A new character that gives quests
  • New province rewards
  • Stronger (“buffed”) enemy armies
New Battle Features!
  • Military Unit Skill: Stealth - A unit with the stealth skill is trained in using a specific terrain to maximum advantage. A unit occupying the designated terrain can only be attacked by enemy units directly adjacent to the unit’s hex. Rangers will be the first military units with this skill, able to use the trees of the forest terrain to hide themselves.
  • Replay - We added a Replay functions for the battles. You can now replay battles that have happend while you have been away. They will be possible to activate through out the event window.
  • Direct Results - We also added a "Results" button when you press the "Automatially finish battle", by pressing the Results battle, the battle will finish instantly and give you the correct outcome.
Premium Vanity Guild Flags!
  • You want your guild to look special? We have added premium guild flags that you can buy for diamonds for your guild. They are found in the two last pages of flags.
  • To buy them you have to have the right for changing guild flags.
  • 13 Premium Guild Flags are available so far!

Additional Features

  • To save on performance, we switch the quality of the game when you switch tabs. This was very drastic before, but we made it a bit lighter now.
  • A button in the e-mail verification window was added which allows you to resend your activation e-mails.
  • Building tooltips (in the build menu) now also display which age they belong to.
  • The “unspoil” feature now correctly gives the correct coins/supplies after the boost feature was activated.


  • Empty guilds are now deleted.
  • The Account blocked page now shows that you are also logged in.
  • The Volume button now has a tool tip when it is highlighted.
  • Some odd display errors when visiting neighbours has been fixed.
  • Some merchant names have been fixed.
  • Some fixes to the accepting of a friends invitation.
  • Dragging while building sometimes caused problems with wrong placement, this is resolved.
  • When returning to your city, at times the Social bar popped back up, this is now fixed.
  • The login process for repeat logins has been improved.
  • Collecting units from military buildings now spawn a collection icon.
  • [Missionary on a Mission] The reward icons were missing, and are now correctly implemented.
  • [Clouded Judgment] The instructions for this quest were made more transparent.
  • The “new neighborhood“ notification no longer spawns the event window unnecessarily.
  • Sometimes the message window caused the game to crash, this should not happen anymore.
  • The healthbar animations on the units and in the lower battlebar are now in sync.
  • Battles against other players sometimes could not be completed(due to crashes). This issue has been fixed.

All the best!
The Forge of Empires Team