Changelog 0.21


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Hello Kings and Queens,

We are proud to present the 0.21 change-log. This update will be implemented on November 20th. We have a lot of bug fixes for you and some great new features that will improve the game's usability. Have fun with the new version!

Note: 0.21 does not contain the Great buildings yet. Don't worry they will be implemented in the near future.

  • The Global ranking search feature now displays names that were close to your search if it could not find the exact name.
  • A green check-mark is displayed in the research tree unlock menu, if you fulfill the requirements of the goods or resources.
  • The "e-mail validation" reminder on the right side bar (booster bar) now opens the e-mail registration menu if you click on it.
  • The Sell tool no longer closes after you sell a building, allowing players to sell multiple buildings more comfortably.
  • Neighbourhood merges have been improved. They should now increase the number of total neighbours in a group more effectively.
  • The "heal units" feature is now available in the military buildings as well.
  • Clicking on the booster bar(upper right side bar) icons will move the city overview to the affected building.
Quest fixes
  • [Quest] "Recruit Soldiers and Mounted Warriors" can once again be skipped or aborted.
  • [Quest] "Jester's Girl IV" quest screen is now properly formatted.
  • [Quest] "Produce Turret Clocks" could be completed multiple times. This has been fixed.
Bug fixes
  • The sound effect for Selecting multiple units of the same type in the military overview is now at a normal level.
  • A premium tech tree bug was fixed.
  • The bought forge point costs are now displayed correctly.
  • The sectors in the south-western sector of Narcien(CA) are now shown correctly.
  • A production sound has been added to the production building papermill(CA).
  • Graphical and formatting issues were fixed in the guild forums.
  • Zooming prevented the guild forum from being responsive. This was resolved
  • Medals won after conquering a province were not displayed in the medals ranking.
  • A graphical display bug on the guild activity indicator was fixed.
  • The format of the forge point prices have been adjusted to their respective tabs.
  • The goods you can display on your profile, in the profile menu, which open a scroll-menu, are no longer cut off.
  • The tournament mechanics have been improved.
  • The unit "unlock slot" usability has been improved.
  • The battle loading icon before combat now disappears as intended.
  • The format and functionality in the "profile menu" has been fixed. The city name can be changed as intended.
  • The building selling structure has been improved, which will reduce the amount of crashes.
  • The visuals of the drag and collect feature has been improved.
  • A bug were you could not leave the tech tree was resolved.
  • The "ok" button in the settings menu is now responsive.
  • Collecting supply production now shows the correct pickup values.
  • The "won" column in the guild menu will correctly track your victories in battle.
  • The guild forum topic max characters is now 40.
  • Productions in supply buildings now correctly only cancel if you aboard the production.
  • The guild forum time-stamp entries have been reformatted.
  • A bug with the activity display of a guild member, which occurred when they left the guild, was fixed.
  • Messages exceeding the character limit of 10,000 were not sent. An error message now informs you of this.
  • The new thread character limit info window has been re-formatted.
  • The tannery once again has a production sound effect.
  • The profile information of a player now appears if you scroll over the avatar area of a player as well.
  • Insufficient diamonds no longer crash the premium "buy forge points" feature.
Thank you for all your bug reports and posts. They are deeply appreciated!

The Forge of Empires Team