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Christmas in July Give away

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The Santa Portrait :D, a Palm Tree o_O, and an Arctic Future Age Shrine of Awe :cool:.

Listening for clickity-clacks of hooves on the roofs in Dunarsund...



My Wish List:

1) I want the ability to trade items that I win with a friend.

2) I want 100 expansion slots.

3) I want 50- 8% defense torches for my city.

4) i want 20 monasteries with 20% defense each for my city.

5) 1 want the "ruins" part of the 3 piece queen king and ruins piece i accidentally deleted.

6) I want all goods and supply buildings to be 3x3.

7) I want more of the spinning wheel. Every day a spin for the popular items.

8) I want health for myself and everyone that needs it.

9) I want everyone to be happy.

10) I want peace on earth!


Dear Forge Creators thank you for the games, this contest and the diamonds.
Not open for further replies.