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[Question] Coupons and Vouchers??


I regularly buy building and diamond packs and have noticed the section in the payment options regarding coupon codes and vouchers. I was wondering what these are and how one qualifies for such promotions legitimately. I have googled the topic but the results look like scams to me and I could not find any info on them from a search on these forums. I like the game and plan to play for a while to come, continuing to buy the packs, but if I'm going to spend the money I sure wouldn't mind getting a discount from time to time, even if only 10% or so.


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Never seen a coupon or voucher. Generally they randomly (well however they decide when to offer them) options to get things with the diamonds (like say reno kits or frequently event currency) but no discounts or coupons. Are you buying them via the mobile app and not directly from Inno?


No, I don't have mobile. I just buy them from the game screen on my PC. The last bonus I saw was for rogues on diamond purchases a week or so ago, but I already have a rogue hideout. I just figured that since they have the place listed for coupons I might as well try to find out about them. I mean, why would they have that if they don't actually have any coupons/vouchers?


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I took a look. the voucher tab is likely for the purchase of diamonds not a discount. Not everyone uses a credit card. But you should right click in the game and ask support. they tend to be rather helpful when it comes to spending money. :)


The only vouchers I ever saw was when they nerf'd the attack GB's. When I started I remember seeing "offers" for going to partner websites and filling out forms and surveys for a few diamonds. It was a huge waste of time for what little you got back.
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<DB casts Resurrection on the topic>

I was just thinking about this tab today.. what is the point of it? everything is put into your inventory or your fp bar ... I mean other than promo codes for discounts which I haven't seen I don't see any reason for this tab?