Cultural Settlement

Stephen Longshanks

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Can not unlock mead brewing in settlement. I have fulfilled all requirements needed. What is the problem?
As @barra370804 says, we would need a screenshot to accurately answer your question. However, there are only two things necessary to unlock a building in Settlements, goods and Diplomacy. Above the unlock button are the goods needed. The number next to each good will show white if you have enough to unlock, red if you don't. Below the unlock button is a progress bar for Diplomacy. On that bar, directly below the unlock button, is a circle with a number in it. That number needs to be white (and the green on the bar will at least reach that circle) in order to unlock that building. If the number in the circle is red, you need to have more Diplomacy in order to unlock. Remember, Diplomacy only applies as long as the buildings are completed and still standing. If you delete a Diplomacy building, you will lose that amount of Diplomacy and the green progress on the bar will shrink to the left.

One more thing: If you are short of either goods or Diplomacy, there will be a Diamond amount directly above the unlock button and below the goods needed. If that Diamond amount isn't there, then you should be able to unlock the building.