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Dune is Recruiting GvG fighters and BG leaders


Active Member
Dune is a mature, drama-free, level 75 guild where everyone is active. We are one of the 2 strongest Battleground guilds on Parkog, win the Guild Expedition every week (169-5-0) and GvG a lot for fun, too. We get over 60k fights every BG season.

Our goals:

1. Have Fun
2. Win BGs and GE every week (unless we share a map with HA, our BG friends)
3. Support our members better than any other guild

Our requirements:
  1. Complete a minimum of 100 advancements in BGs per season (100 fights or 50 negotiations, or some combination). More is preferred.
  2. Finish GE4 weekly, early when necessary to win (about 50% of the time we waive the 64 requirement if it isn't required for us to win)
  3. Aid guild members at least 3 times per week
  4. Have an Observatory or Arc
  5. Donate 1 FP to most new GBs in the guild

We offer all the standard benefits to members. If you are active, you will flourish here. If you are interested, please message me or Cokkan in game or reply here. Cheers, Claire


New Member
I'm looking for a good guild to join, I like to fight. On the Global ranking you can find me on #15641