Fleur De Lis

Honey Amadora

Welcome to Fleur De Lis!

We are a fun and drama free guild.
A great guild to be a part of.....

No requirements to motivate/polish daily. Do as often as you can. Daily would be best, but we all know real life sometimes gets in the way.

We are a Fair Trading Guild. We enforce the fair trade rule.

We would like you to be active, but will understand if at times ya need to be inactive for real life. Just give us a notice and everything will be waiting for your return.

We are also a No-Plunder Guild. Unless you get plundered first, then you can retaliate back.

We currently do not participate in the GvG. Also, we encourage you to build your city at your pace.

If ya think ya want to join us, then just send a message to Eaglesfury or Honey Amadora.

Also, we are on the worlds E, F and H if you would like to join us there (contact Eaglesfury for E and F).