Forge Master Empire RECRUITING Players NOW


HELLO : Forge Master Empire is recruiting ACTIVE players that are interested in growing their game , helping with M / P of guild, making trades . BUILDING Great Buildings and HAVING FUN playing with a group of "FIGHTERS , FRIENDS and ACTIVE PLAYERS" that are interested in PvP competition, GUILD EXPEDITIONS participation and making your game something that is FUN and enjoyable ;)
My name is checkmate70, CO Founder of Forge Master Empire : WE are a small group of players that want more members that are ACTIVE and FRIENDLY : HELPFUL and want to share their game with a group that WILL HELP build every Great Building that you collect the complete set of Blue Prints for :)
This guild was founded in Jan 2014 and we have raised over 1 , 000 Great Buildings for the members we have seen come and go :(
WE have recently seen more going than we like seeing leave :( WE are asking for members that are interested in learning the game OR have experience on other worlds that agree with the motto : " ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL" and will FIGHT along side of us to maintain our GvG arenas , work to raise an OBSERVATORY or have one on their city : ACTIVELY participate when other members place any Great Building in "MUD ALERT" message and ACTIVELY participate in GUILD EXPEDITIONS each week and make sure they are always improving their city with growth and advancement :)
IF you are interested and will contact
CO Founder checkmate70
PLEASE include a brief description and explain your experience and WHY you feel this would be a GREAT GUILD with you as a member ;)
Private Message checkmate70 in Fel Dranghyr