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Guild Growing - Looking for Active Players


New Member
The guild I am in is interested in growing. As GBG is so reliant on goods, having a larger pool of members helps cover the cost of buildings (with more Arcs, Obs, etc.).

About the guild:
  • We are very helpful in explaining and guiding new players, and helping get higher age goods for Great Buildings.
  • We unlock all 4 levels of GE every week.
  • We have several FP swap threads, for those who like to level that way.
  • We have a 1.9 thread that moves quite quickly, and is getting better by the day.
The only strict requirement is completing level 1 of GE, and we would appreciate GBG activity.

Please reply to this post with any questions about details you may be interested in that I have left out. Hope to see some of you in the game!