Guild Recruiting -Bad Influence

Hey, we’ve been around since the server opened, our original founders went inactive. They were well established on older worlds, maybe they went there, maybe they died. That’s been awhile and the longest serving members of the organization are Leaders now. We have a great team, we make the game fun, and we make sure everyone has an opportunity to build the buildings they need and want. We currently complete level 4 of GE, and usually get a gold or silver trophy at the end. Here is a cut paste from our guild tab explaining who we are:

This is the most helpful guild you will ever be in!

This is an active, fair trading guild.

Participation requirements:

Guild Expedition, minimum level 1 complete.

Sticks to Bricks, minimum 1 forge point.

Help your guildmates, and grow the guild bonuses

When growing guildmates GB's never put in the last point to level the GB.

Daily login recommended to avoid "inactivity". Donation requirements:

10 current era of both boosted goods are needed weekly

5 current era non boosted goods are needed weekly.

Daily obs collection removes donations requirements.

Join Bad Influence today!