How easy is it to get OF troops while in CE?


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I was able to get PME troops while in indy, and have decided I want to do that again, but be in a later era so I have more expansions. I read that in CE you can get OF troops. is this similar difficulty to getting PME troops in indy, harder or easier? It is even a realistic goal if I can't spend any diamonds?


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probably a bit harder if for no other reason than AF continent map is a lot more to clear. You also need to take Stress Management near the very end of CE tree to get into TE story - so getting through later ages of story depends on having saved some optional techs earlier in the tree (you can also skip the bottom row of CE tree for 4 of those techs). you may find yourself needing to move to TE to keep going if you run out of techs.

Hover Tanks from FE story are perhaps the most useful unit to get though, and that's very realistic. To get 4 of them instead of 1 make sure to negotiate with the first leader of the FE continent - when you meet her later in the continent she'll thank you with 3 hover tanks in a side quest. Attack Helicopters can then fight most of the rest of the continent.

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As #xivarmy says, it's very difficult (read expensive) to get through the AFE continent map. There are 40 provinces. Whilst I was in the CE though, I was able to obtain all 5 TE troops and more than one each, without having to finish the AFE map.