"In Deo Fides" is now recruiting!

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    Mar 1, 2017
    Do you want to have fun while you grow your EMPIRE? Then, 'In Deo Fides' might be right for you! We offer timely advise and support to give you the edge whether you're a Dog of War or a Master of Trade! We'll even help you get your Great Buildings up and running. And once they are we have fp swap threads to help keep those blueprints and fp bonuses coming. We also have "newbie only" threads designed for you to get your blueprints faster if you're new to FoE. We are a Fair Trade guild and ask all our members to participate in GE weekly. To keep the coffers full, we ask each guildie to construct an Observatory and will provide you with chances to get the blueprints you need. We don't ask you to do anything that we don't already do ourselves because we know what it takes to be successful. So if you're addicted to FoE like we are or plan to commit to being a daily player, JOIN now and experience for yourself the 'In Deo Fides' difference! See You on the inside...:)

    Please do not reply here, send an in-game message to any of the players below:
    Founder: King Charming III
    Our Trade Advisor: BlastHQ
    Our Mentors: TJ Barbarian or Leviticus Hasty
    or yours truly, GE Captain: Orgetorix 298 the Lucky