Intrepid Guild Recruiting

Shae Alchemi

New Member
Now recruiting ALL levels of FoE players for guild Intrepid. We are a GE and GvG participating guild with very experienced players on many FoE worlds.

We offer:
~Level 13 benefits which include daily extra fp from town hall, reduced building costs, and reduced recruitment costs for your military units

~Active GE participation, level 2 and 3 open most weeks

~Multiple GB/BP programs, swaps, raising, obs bp program

~Fair trade and fast trade! Our market moves fast!

~GVG fighting in IA, EMA, HMA, LMA, CA, and soon to come INA

We have been playing as a team for several months, and always strive to make each other stronger because we know we win when we win together! In the 5 months as a formed guild, we have: reached level 13, risen to a top 25 ranked guild, taken on multiple BIG guilds in GVG, and earned several gold and silver trophies in GE.

We have open join at the moment for anyone looking for and ACTIVE guild!!