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Isle of “Misfits” Recruiting


We are currently recruiting active members to our guild and have already developed a very tight and helpful guild. We encourage chat between members because the point of this game is to have FUN.

Benefits of joining our Guild:
Vacation Thread, we understand real life comes 1st!!
Strong Arc development (9 of 24 current members have Arcs)
Level 15 which offers at least 1FP/day
Very active in Guild Expedition (All 4 Difficulties unlocked each week)
Multiple swap threads, guild trades, and Stix to Brix thread.
Offer apprenticeship programs for those struggling with GE.

Minimum 8 encounters per week in Guild Expedition (GE)

Currently we are offering auto-join to speed up recruiting, if we incurr too many guild hoppers we may change to application only and one of our leaders will be in touch within 12 hours.

Look forward to hearing from you, join and excel!