Join the Templar Luminescence!


You are marching through the thick forest, the flies and gnats irritating you in the places the armor can't cover, the sweat pouring off you in the heat of the afternoon sun. Your entourage is following faithfully slogging through the debris filled ground of the forest floor. Following your orders as your people follow you into exile from the cruel overlords who drove you out through harsh taxes and harsher measures. Suddenly you poke through the forest wall and see an incredibly imposing fortress city of Citadel, home to the Templar Luminescense, at last your journey is complete.

Deep in the heart of Cirgard, among towering castles, vast armies and deadly perils lies an order of Knights Templar who are hungry for justice, for the strength of righteous cause to prevail. Bringing Light to the darkness, and defending the defenseless. An honorable order that seeks to grow by accepting willing Knights, Crusaders and Templars who wish to overthrow the despots and dictators, the evil thugs and bullies who seek to destroy all before them.

Contact Tempestborn to march into a new age of might and wonder.
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Ok, now Im going to show off my superior intelligence. LOL How will I receive the invite? I dont see a place for messages on my screen? In fact, I dont see any way to communicate with anyone within the game...


lower left of the game screen, bottom row of orange buttons, the paper coming out of the envelope is for in game messages.

guild and friend requests appear in the news feed accessed from the town hall.


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I'm in! Thanks! Now, who can I communicate with within the game to help me along? I'd like to be as useful as possible, but I dont really have a feel fro what direction I should be headed in...