Kingdoms accepting new members.

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    Oct 24, 2015
    Normally via invite only, The guild "Kingdoms" is accepting 10 new members on a first come first served basis.
    EST. April 20th, 2016 Founder Eddius15, Level 34 guild.

    Guild Kingdoms is accepting applications. The Guild members at Kingdoms are active, we have many FPs swaps. We are looking for players that love doing GE. We open level 4 every week. Everyone is committed to fairness and helpfulness within the Guild. Our treasury is full and ready for some GVG action. Also seeking GvG self motivated fighters. Trusted access granted to such players :)..

    We are an easy going guild with only 1 rule.

    Rule 1. Finish Ge level 1 each week. This could go to level 3, as you progress through the ranks, here at Kingdoms. Level 4 is never mandatory.
    Rule 2. NoNE
    Rule 3. NoNE
    Rule 4. See rule #1. :)

    If this sounds good to you send Eddius15 or One Major a message.

    Thanks for stopping by and looking Kingdoms over.

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    9 of 10 open
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