La Marchessa's Doggerel, Song and Verse

There once was a place
One dream away
How we howl at the moon
Down in Lilac Blood Bay

Where the cursed and the fae
Sing every day
Playing this tune
Along Lilac Blood Bay


Show me your worth, not your size,

Yes your large feet give that away.

But what is hidden in your heat?

This your feet do not say.


"Love not lightly
Nor too strong
For soon another
May come along
And what was right
May come wrong
All on a summers day..."


Set sail towards this harbor fair
Reddened in a setting sun;
On Night's velvet altar find me there
And offer your glories, battle won


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Nice work Nicholas : )

And to you and to all who read here -
Can you answer me this --

What is limestone at mouth and tail
With a liquid eye of blue,
What is named for a faithful horse
But appears like a fish to you?
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