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    Mar 22, 2017
    We are LIFEGIVER. Join us for fun, growth, participation and BLOOD! We are currently focused on building our GE/GVG presence and growing toward a top GVG fighting guild and we need your help to achieve this! If you enjoy fighting and camaradarie and would like to join a supportive and unique family, LIFEGIVER may be an excellent fit. Currently we are looking for higher level players to help us reach our goals. We have the following to offer those who apply:

    • 2 FP per day from Town Hall
    • Highly active swap threads with high level GBs.
    • OBS program to obtain and level observatories.
    • Manditory participation in GE with levels 2-4 unlocked weekly.
    • Highly active goods exchange program with opportunities for FP/Good swaps.
    • Active GVG campaign open to all that would like to participate, at whatever participatory level.
    • Friendly and supportive leads and members eager to answer questions and aid other members.

    In the near future, we are planning to add ARC/ATM swap programs to level up GBs and expansion into higher age GVG and goods trade, BUT we need your help to give these progams LIFE! All welcome to apply and all are considered!