Looking for a guild to join? Defiance is recruiting


Defiance is looking for active, motivated players looking for a home in a fun, “family-oriented” guild. Our current membership sits at 30 where our members consistently achieve 100% GE participation. This is our focus because we believe a successful guild starts with active participation. With that, we have one requirement being to complete at least GE3 each week.

Many of our members have begun the long trek to a level 80 Arc. As we achieve this milestone, our second focus will be to ensure all our new recruits have an Arc as quickly as they can. Our long-standing members have access to Future goods and Arc prints and will try our best to get you what you need in an efficient amount of time. With that said, we are always looking for established members that have higher aged goods on hand to sell and advice to offer as we continue to grow.

Defiance also offers swap threads, a trade thread, stix to brix, a ready to level “swoop” thread, and always witty banter. As our Arc program evolves, we will be opening new threads for quick Arc leveling. Furthermore, we welcome advice from other members on how we can do things better and appreciate initiative.

Please give us a look. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out. If you are already in a happy home, thank you for reading and have a wonderful new year. All the best, Defiance."