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[Question] ME Military Advice Request


I am hoping for some military strategy advice from players experienced in the Modern Era continent map.

I don’t participate in the PvP towers or GvG and only keep enough military buildings to progress through the quest line and conquer the provinces on the continent maps easily. I have a 54% attack and defense boost from my GBs.

In Industrial Age I was able to conquer the continent with its two bonus areas with just Jaegers and Riflemen. I did have to negotiate a couple sectors of the final bonus provinces. In Progressive Era I was able to conquer the continent very easily with just Tanks and Snipers, no negotiations necessary.

Now that I am in the Modern Era continent, what units do you recommend? So far I have been able to conquer the provinces of Inashu and Natsuishu with my PE units, but I know that will soon change. I don’t want to build too many military buildings so I am hoping that, as in previous ages, I can get by with just two unit types.

I appreciate any collective wisdom shared by experienced players. Thanks in advance for your help.


jlshetler, H-world


I think I started out with Mechanized Artillery from the ME units, those were sufficient for a few areas. But that also changes quickly. I'd say that Battle Tanks are an essential, and combining those two (Mechanized Artillery and Battle Tanks) allowed me to go through the majority of the areas. In a few areas I also used Paratroopers because it was much easier to use them than a combination of the previous two.

You have a decent bonus so you may not have a lot of trouble even if you go with 2 instead of 3 unit types, but I think for most ages I've gone with 3 unit types in order to minimize my loses. If you're not worried about the battle points you win then you could probably go through with two unit types. Just keep in mind that your best advantages are the terrain and the unit types --- using the unit type which has a bonus against the unit type(s) the province has is your best option.


My feeling is that mech artillery and battle tanks are the only important ones in ME. I don't get paratroopers, they just seem to get killed right away; I do better with snipers for taking out light units. Bazookas just seem too slow and short range. Mech infantry is fine, but I don't see much need for them.


I don't get paratroopers, they just seem to get killed right away;
I like them because they move first and they have the hiding ability in forests. So depending on the army I'm going up against, if the terrain is good I can actually 1) apply damage and maybe destroy a few units at the start of the battle 2) avoid being hit at all if the remaining enemy units don't have a large movement ability 3) get the max number of possible battle points because I get away with no injuries/loses or very minimal ones. I don't do actual hood PvP any longer so I try to make the most out of my Continent Map battles. :)

But yeah, I think their use is highly limited and they work better than battle tanks and mech artillery only in a few specific cases.


Every time I try that, all of the enemy units move up adjacent to the one paratrooper that landed closest to them, and kill him. But maybe it's just about attacking and retreating a few times until you get a lucky placement of the paratroopers? Does it change every time like that?


I appreciate all the responses. It sounds like there is unanimous agreement in favor of Battle Tanks. The disagreement on Paratroopers is interesting--I look forward to trying them out and seeing which side of that line I'm on.

I'm a little surprised to hear the praise for Mechanized Artillery. I have found that in every age people are big fans of artillery units and I never end up agreeing. Trebuchets were all the rage back in HMA and I never saw the benefit.

Sounds like I need to research Modern Tanks as fast as I can...



I find mech art to be good for killing tanks, and other artillery :) It probably depends on your bonus, killing a tank in two hits makes it a lot better than killing in 3.


I like artillery and fast, but they are right the further you go the tanks are needed.


But maybe it's just about attacking and retreating a few times until you get a lucky placement of the paratroopers? Does it change every time like that?
Yep, terrain remains the same (on the map) but the placement of your paratroopers changes every time you enter that same battle. So if it doesn't work you can just re-enter. Sometimes the terrain is plain or rocky with lack of forests so it doesn't always work.

My opinion on long ranged/artillery units varies from age to age. In some ages I've found them very useful (Field Guns in CA, for example) and in others not so much (Cannons in LMA, for example).
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I have one squad (bldg) each of all the different PE troops one rogue squad and PE champ building, some extra unattached PE units. all boosted to 57% for attack. No battles lost so far (8 of 11 complete) against the ME units that are unboosted. You need to pick your matches carefully. I use manual combat, not AI.


Lots of good advice in here. Mech Artillery and Tanks were the only ME troops I needed to get through the ME maps. Artillery effectiveness does vary through the ages, I never got them in LMA or Ind but PE and ME were both very useful IMO.

With that in mind, now that I'm on the PME map, I've experimented with other ME troops as well. As Phantom noted, paratroopers have been useful in certain circumstances. Bazookas much less so, and I've never bothered with the fast units.


I have to say that fighting PME map with ME troops seems rather harder than fighting the ME map was with PE troops. I read someone made it through PME using PE troops? If you know how to do that, let me know :)


It definitely is. I've gotten about halfway through, and I've upgraded my artillery to PME, but the rest are still ME troops and I'm thinking I need to wait on troop progression. Or work on my bonus (57%). It's the second wave that's the issue, if it was still 8 on 8 it would be just as easy as ME was with PE troops. I think you'd need a much better bonus than I've got to make it through on PE troops.