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Hailsa sisters and brothers :
we are an active guild willing to train and help u grow with lil or no rules besides respect ur guild mates.we have a lil guild vs guild and help with all kinds of needs.we have players that are new to game and others that are year plus players.

what we are looking for are team players and active (but we also know that we all have real lives) and people that just like to play and a lil gvg as we take over L world :) we offer fp exchanges, trades and advise,we hold a weekly guild meeting where ur voice can well be heard and where u know what we have planned.

if interested or have question please get at mojo88,lylak1313,Mother of dogs or post ur questions here and someone will get back at u shortly

Thanks for ur time and consideration
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Hello, everyone!!! This is the guild treasurer and one of the Leaders! I want to take a moment to say that this guild is something to be proud of! We help everyone out in guild and don't have too many rules except have fun and be respectful! We help eachother get grand buildings and do forge point swaps (like 5 or 3 on one building and then someone will put 5 or 3 on yours). We do all sorts of fun stuff. It's really something that is worth looking into.

We do not believe in stupid questions or stupid answers (i dont think) so ask away anything you like. We are all family in our guild and we'll never let ya fall. Write myself or Mojo with questions and we'll get back to ya lickity split.

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Hi friends! Mjolnir has been growing quickly over these past couple months. Having just joined a month ago, I've already seen this guild go from #39 to #15 in ranking. We're active and chatty and offer many perks to our members. Any GB in the mud get raised within an hour usually. We have endless FP donation lists, donation groups, and are getting into GvG. We have a range of players from veterans in the millions for score, to brand new players. We'd love to talk to you if you're interested! Contact any leader/founder in the guild or feel free to apply and we'll contact you. I look forward to you joining, growing with, and fighting alongside us :)