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Moonlight Society is Accepting Applications.


Greetings recruit

Moonlight Society is looking for new members of all ages, who are looking for a home to grow and learn the game. We are a small guild but growing fast. We are actively recruiting Farmers and Fighters to help fill our ranks. We are a group of good group of respectful people who love the game are are willing to help others grow. We are active in GvG and GE, and encourage participation at all levels.

Our requirements are:
  1. Be Respectful of other players.
  3. Fair trade is expected.
  4. GE is expected. We expect our members to do as much as they can, but a minimum the first 8 Encounters.
  5. Observatory program participation
  6. Actively Aid all members at least 4 times a week.
If you are interested in Joining our Guild, please send a message to: Halfmoonx, SunshineLolo, or TheZatherus.
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