More the Merrier! Trading and Team-Oriented Guild in Jaims World


We are recruiting!
Here's what we're about:

High-level GE participation; we've won 50 championships, and have only failed to win 5 times.

Active trading and a team approach to advancement for all teammates; we follow the FoE Fair Trade guidelines.

A genial and congenial atmosphere; several long-lasting friendships have been started through our threads.

The following of the Guild rules, while encouraging debate and a guild-wide vote on new rules, or alteration of such;

We have several voluntary threads devoted to FP contributions to Great Buildings; we are very active in leveling them up and have several members have very high attack and defense boosts (for instance).

Having fun!

We have open an application process, so no need to wait for an invitation!

We ask that those in higher ages who are interested in joining either have an Observatory (or Arc or Atomium), or work quickly towards getting one, so that we won't have trouble opening up higher levels in the GE!