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neighborhood shift


Active Member
so is nobody gonna talk about this weird one-week neighborhood shift? is it a common thing after the winter event? I'm pretty sure its not 2 years ago when i was playing, lol
Not digging it. Now the hood change is synced with the break in GBG seasons. I used to be able to aid the neighbors that aided me and those that took my trades and the rest were fair game for my 9 Himeji fights. Now I guess I'll just attack the bottom 9 for 3 days. Or learn GVG.

Interesting to learn about the change on uneven weeks. Always good to know a bit more about the game mechanics.

Lord Pest

Active Member
I ended up in strangehood. I’m in AF... I’m the PvP champ.... and number #1 in this hood which is more than half OF. But the OF players are the ones who rushed through the ages and their cities are weaker than the few AF players here.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
Actually this is a good thing for many players, since if you age up at the beginning of GBG, you have a nearly 2 weeks with a lower era hood before you get shifted upwards, allowing you time to build up your city in the new era. Many players prefer to switch eras now at the beginning of GBG so they can fight lower age troops for a season, which before only left you 4 days before you faced a higher hood.