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Why are the hoods not limited to a single age? It seems to me this would solve so many issues ppl have with getting attacked. There certainly will still be players that can't compete with the top hoodies, but it would offer a realistic chance at building up to handle it. Personally, I get nothing from attacking ppl 3 or 4 ages behind me and I don't have any chance of catching up to someone who is 2 or 3 ages ahead. It doesn't bother me to take care with how I time my production, I'm very good at it. I just can't understand why it isn't organized with a little more realistic chance at being competitive. Wouldn't it be better for all if your lowest hoodies had troops to offer you decent points and buildings to offer you decent plunder? And wouldn't be better to have a chance to strike back within a week or so? Just sayin :)


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There is a proposal currently to limit them to a smaller spectrum of ages...but I doubt we will ever see just one age...


The issue is already a bit older but Why is it that the neighborhood doesn't change anymore? My Hood has been the same for month now and I have not noticed any changes in that amount of time.


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I thought there should have been a new hood merge last Sunday and it didn't happen. I don't know if I lost track of the week it should change or what, lol. We'll see tomorrow morning.

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Do you still need your initial query answering?


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I have been the same neighborhood for over 5 months now and asked about the next change would be happening.

Back in Nov I asked about it...and was told
The neighborhood merge system is under review by the developers. Neighborhood merges are handled automatically by the server. Support can do nothing to change anything about a neighborhood merge.

The new neighborhood merges, as announced back on 07-18-2013 over < Click Here >, have as their primary target the players' technological advancement. Ranking points come in second, only to determine where "chunks of players" are cut off from the old neighborhoods (which are now merged into a new one).

The merges still take ranking into account, but very slightly as the primary focus is technological advancement. One could see from this that ranking points do not pose any significant advantage --- they're gained from collecting supplies & coin, battle points, and buildings in one's city. It basically only shows a player's activity level, and does not really reflect their 'game progression'.

The neighborhood merge system works by splitting neighborhoods into 'blocks'. These 'blocks' are determined by the largest gaps between players in terms of their research tree progress. It is therefore possible for players to end up in 'blocks' whereby, once placed in the new neighborhood, create large gaps between some players within that new neighborhood.

Hopefully this explains how this can occur, and future merges will help to level the playing field going forwards.

when I asked about it last Sept ....I was told
Currently the algorithms for neighborhood switch are being worked on. Part of the issue is your a TE player and there is not enough to make up all the neighborhoods. This is why you sometimes become stagnant. Neighborhoods are supposed to be blocks of players in about a 3 era spread. I myself have been in same neighborhood with a few others for a quite awhile.
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My hood is primarily CE and TE players maybe with some PME as well but there are a few players in FE (future). The merge 2 weeks ago added a player in FE at the #2 spot but that player is gone today. The player was certainly active (crushing me in the FE tower) so I'm not sure what's going on.