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New Guild: Rugnirok

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Hi! If you're an active player in Rugnir (whether brand-new at the game or an FoE veteran), we'd like to invite you to join our new guild, Rugnirok.

Rugnirok is a play on Ragnarok, which in Norse mythology is equivalent to Armageddon. We're not nearly as bad-ass as that sounds, but yes, some of us are mythology nerds. ;)

We're a friendly, chatty, laid-back bunch. We're a fair-trade guild and we expect all trades offered by our members to be based on commonly accepted fair trade ratios (see http://forgeofempires.wikia.com/wiki/Trading). But we have no other rules except to treat each other with respect and have a good time. We do participate in the guild expeditions, although there's no obligation to do so. At this point we do not participate in GvG, although that may come in the future. Again, no guild member will be required to take part.

We have Great Building contribution threads for 3, 5 and 10 points. If you donate points to another guild member's building, then someone will give the same number of points to one of yours. This allows everyone to get rewards for helping level up other players' buildings, while your own buildings make progress at the same time.

Rugnirok is open to join ... no invitation required. Please drop in and check us out!