New Nocturne looking for members!

Tharius Galba

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Greetings Parkog,

New Nocturne is a newer guild of mostly newer players who've only been around for a few months, but are enjoying the game enough to stick around!
As such, we're naturally very friendly to newer players and eager to share what we've learned and experienced so far with them, though we wouldn't turn away someone with more experience than all of us combined either, nor anyone whose only been playing the game for 5 minutes!

We're looking for people who want to participate in an active, growing Guild in a more casual atmosphere.

Now for the details!

Guild Demographic & History:
We were founded only as recently as August 17th, 2017, but we've already been making great progress!
We are currently Level 5 with some members with a Hall of Fame and dedicating their Cider Mills to producing Daily Crowns for faster Guild leveling!
We currently have 16 members and participate weekly in Guild Expedition. Our current Global Guild Ranking is 589 out of 3,764 on the in-game listing.
We have members from the 2,500 points to 250,000 point range so far!
As you can see: No pressure! Everyone is welcome!

Guild Expedition & Services:
We unlock at least Difficulty Level 2 weekly with no issue for those able and willing to participate for the good of New Nocturne, and getting ready to start attempting Difficulty Level 3 very soon.
Our Guild Expedition record so far is 3 GOLD, 9 Silver and 4 Bronze - nearly a consistent Top 3 placement since our Founding!

We have a Great Building Swap thread (5 FP) going in-game as well - this is an area for Guild Members to request help leveling a GB by trading Forge Point investments with others in the Guild looking to do the same. You help someone, you get to make a request, someone helps you and the cycle repeats! This helps earn blueprints, medals and forge points, where donating to your own buildings awards you none of those additional boons!

Additionally, we try to help members with Goods for constructing Great Buildings, gathering Goods for Guild Expedition negotiations, unlocking Technologies, or any other such need by trading within the Guild chat when needed!

Most members currently are mobile players, so we don't participate in Guild vs Guild. However, I would personally like to experience it, so if we do get more members who play on PC GvG could be a very real possibility!

We're a casual-minded guild with no strict weekly quotas nor experience requirements. We believe in everyone playing the way they wish to play, to avoid making it feel like a job and burning out on the game. Do what you can, that's all we ask!

Our activity policy is kicking anyone who is inactive for 14 days straight (without prior notice, we're very lenient so long as you let us know!). However, we won't turn you away if you wish to rejoin after being kicked for inactivity - it's merely to keep Guild Expedition unlocks reasonably priced for everyone participating, as the cost increases with the number of members and the Age they're in.

We'd be honored to have you in the New Nocturne family! Just leave a message here on the forums, contact Tharius Galba or Johnboy51 in-game, or...

Just join up!

We're a public guild after all, you don't need permission!​
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Tharius Galba

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Hello again Parkog,

With your help, New Nocturne has made some nice progress in our short time active since I originally posted this recruitment thread. I've updated our vague, general, boring ol' OP to reflect it! Please, take a look!

Tharius Galba

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Happy New Year!

Checking in to say New Nocturne is still going strong, and we're certainly still here!
We've gotten a few more active members recently, and our old members are continuing to grow exponentially. Our efforts in Guild Expedition have likewise yielded higher and greater results as well, giving us some more Gold and Silver trophies since the last edit of the opening post.

As always, we're still open to anyone looking for a laid back Guild which emphasizes enjoying the game over strict quotas to meet each week. If that sounds like the type of environment you're looking for, we'd love to show you how strong a Guild run on this mindset can be!

The opening post has been updated to reflect the current position and demographic of the Guild, so please take a look to see if New Nocturne is the place for you!


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Tharius, I am a leader in the Fortitude guild, which has shrunk down to about 15 active members. We don't want to do battles (so no GvG) but are willing to do GE weekly. We range from Future to Colonial I think and follow fair trades. We have multiple GB message threads for donating FPs to help each other. I'm wondering if you would be open to taking us in as a group? Let me know and I can take it back to our council and members. Some members may not choose to follow us wherever we end up. Thx, Trubl2