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[box]~Phenakite Phoenix~[/box]

A tapestry of delicate threads intertwined, those whom are brought up anew by the experiences of those once great, only to begin once more on a journey of development.

A gathering for those new and old alike with a dedication to aiding each other in times of need, the Phenakite Phoenices strive to inspire those around them to become something greater.


We are a relatively new guild seeking those who are fairly new themselves, well-developed players whom need a new pace, or have simply yet to join an alliance. We aim toward the future with excellent expectations, and strive to become a nation filled with others who are respectful and just.

If you've a desire to assist your fellow man in building up their hovel, or require assistance yourself, we humbly welcome you to become a Phenakite Phoenix.

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:attack: [box]-Guild History-[/box] :attack:

Phenakite Phoenix began on the 8th of August, 2014.
It represents those who are just beginning, albeit brittle as crystal, have an aspiring sheen of brilliance to become like those who, also represented within, have risen to the top from such ashes of being once new.

We have been on the rise since, and are always looking for more members who are interested in simply helping one another grow.

We are a NON-GvG guild; we have never participated in any guild vs. guild battles, and do not intend to. We are inclined to present a helpful, non-threatening opportunity to become the best we can.

At this time, we have NO intentions of removing players from our guild simply for being inactive for a short time. We believe it's quite facetious to remove someone for having a life, and aren't so selfish to seek only super-active members.
[box]Though, if you do intend on vacating for a certain period, it is greatly appreciated to let me or another in charge know.[/box]

On September 9th, 2014, Lady Linn was officially recognized as the guild's first Secondary Inviter.
On September 27th, our Secondary Inviter Lady Linn has moved on , and is with our guild no more.
From October 28th through November 2nd, Phenakite Phoenix received visitation from Special Guest Zutu.
On October 29th, papawjed has become the official Army General of Phenakite Phoenix.
On December 3rd, Phenakite Phoenix has gotten a second Special Guest, Old Viking.
On January 15th, Phenakite Phoenix has received a third Special Guest, kmwillko.
As of 2015, Special Guests Old Viking and kmwillko have become permanent members.
On March 8th, Phenakite Phoenix has begun it's first GB Club.
On March 25th, Phenakite Phoenix received a special visitor, Dominx, bringing many eggs.


:charge: [box][jumpfrom]1[/jumpfrom]-Our Goals-[/box]:charge:

Our main goal is to create an enjoyable atmosphere for our members whilst helping one another in our own aspirations to build the greatest village or city we can.

Our daily activities may include:

  • [*=1][SUB]Motivating the local populace to increase income and resources[/SUB]
    [*=1][SUB]Polishing their decorative features to keep said populace content with their status[/SUB]
    [*=1][SUB]Trading fairly amongst ourselves to obtain necessary goods for production[/SUB]
    [*=1][SUB]Providing guidance and input for decent kingdom management[/SUB]
    [*=1][SUB]Enjoying the company of each other and our antics[/SUB]

[SUB]Remember, we are a guild consisting of both new and old players alike, so despite whether you've a massive city of your own or naught but a mere few huts, we want you to feel welcome amongst our glorious alliance of dedicated kings and queens, and hope that you make the most of each and every day!

:defend: [box][jumpfrom]2[/jumpfrom]-Expectations-[/box] :defend:

Like any guild, we will attempt to maintain a sense of order and peace. We don't expect you to be perfect, but we do ask that you do your best to keep this guild free of conflict.

It is perfectly acceptable to disagree with fellow guild members, however there are decent ways to manage such.
If you've been offended by another, please make it a notion to discuss your matter with them in a private fashion. Though, if you feel it must be voiced publicly, please do so in a civil way. You might find that the others around you have viable input to allocate.

Regarding major concerns, I would appreciate it if you were to contact me, Elreydelleon, directly, so that I may deal with it accordingly.
Of course, if you have any other inquiries/suggestions, I would also be happy to discuss such as well.
This guild may have begun with me, but I want you all to feel that it is your guild, too. After all, it wouldn't be much of one without you.

To reiterate, we don't remove members for simply being quiet and occasionally busy, but due to recent disappearances without notable cause, a new ordinance has been formed:
[box]If you are inactive for more than two weeks without notifying someone in charge, you will be removed from Phenakite Phoenix. Your record will be retained for about a week, and if you are not heard from by the end of said week, your data will be CLEARED.[/box]


:war: [box][jumpfrom]3[/jumpfrom]-Ranking-[/box] :war:

Not to be confused with importance or social standing, ranking is a purely titular system to determine how long a member has been relatively active within our group. It differs from actual ability to administrate the guild itself. In other words, the longer you actively stick around, the higher you rank in guild age.

It's understandable humans tend to have lives, particularly if you have children, so it's not a concern should you wind up unavailable for a day or two. We simply ask of you to remain active enough to let us know you still care. ;3

Two Weeks
Six Weeks
Four Months
One Year +


:bow: [box][jumpfrom]4[/jumpfrom]-Navigation-[/box] :bow:

If you've made it to this thread by invitation, and want to know where to find it in the future, just regard this picture:

Other information about current events can also be found under this area. Please be sure to follow up with our in-game forums once in a while, as important notifications may be updated.

:smile: [box][jumpfrom]5[/jumpfrom]-Member List-[/box] :smile:

Here you can find an up-to-date table of all our concurrent members, along with their given titles (if any).
The table is outlined in a chronological fashion according to join dates, and poses no relevance regarding standing.

Elreydelleon - Founder of Phenakite Phoenix8)
6.papawjed - Army Gen./Guild Official
Old Viking - Guild OfficialFirebir҉d
12.Visser XFirebir҉d
13.Majadi the justFirebir҉d



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