Prettiest and ugliest buildings


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What are the best and worst looking buildings in your opinion?

For me

Prettiest: Blue Galaxy, Alcatraz, and the Mills of Fall

Ugliest: Tower of Babel, Victory Tower, Bazaar


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Cider Mill, Cherry Garden Set level 2, and the new Ships from Summer. I really like those a lot. They look really cool.

GBs? Rainforest Project. Just looks awesome. That's my favorite.

Ugliest? Definitely Babel. Nice concept, just bland and boring.

Victoria and Albert

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Prettiest? The Cherry Blossom set. I do like the Ships from summer too. Prettiest GB? Definitely the Chateau
Ugliest? the stupid Caravansry, ziggurat, bazaar set. Ugliest GB? Definitely Hagia Sophia or Cathedral of Aachen. They are dreadful in real life too.

Roxana 1184 the Wise

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First time I saw an Arc, I thought someone was trying a takeoff on the EMP (or excuse me, MoPOP as they're calling it now). Now there's a real life ugly piece of crap.