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[Question] Question

Hi good game for everyone ;)
I play Dunarsund and please I need to explain to me.
some things which not make sense to me ...

Is as follows: Cattales player currently has , 167 fights 7,780,313 points in PvP tournament in ( The Future the tower ) see fotoprint : prntscr.com/c5katq

as you can see in this fotoprint : prntscr.com/c5kd0e
when he attacks, he has attack +69% and defense +69%

he does not have a single Great Building of attack or defense of level 10

Now I ask , this is normal ??

I ask this, because Cattales is my neighbor, I am in the Arctic Future and I can not do half of his points in ( The Future tower )

as you can see in this fotoprint : prntscr.com/c5krye
when I attack, I have , Attack +104% and Defence +85%
he has attack +69% and defense +69%

Thanks for your attention :rolleyes:


His points don't look out of line with his number of battles. I guess he just fights a lot? You don't a very high bonus to win most battles. Why do you feel you can't fight that much?


I agree with Jaelis, his points per battle seem in line with what I see on a regular basis. I agree his attack/Defense stats are low but perhaps he fights manually. Also he may be farming points in GvG, you can't tell where he is getting his tower points.
His points don't look out of line with his number of battles. I guess he just fights a lot? You don't a very high bonus to win most battles. Why do you feel you can't fight that much?
I apologize for my bad English:oops:, but I ask questions and you answer ,with more questions:(
I never got 100 000 points in a single battle, and I see some players get 140,000 points in a single battle
I play a lot of time in Forges and compare the levels of G. Buildings and generally are inferior my G. Buildings
the sensation that I have, that will something wrong with my punctuation
happens quite often, I do battles and lose against lower defenses
For example: I have tested defenses, copied the defense units of a city and chose the same attack units
my attack units - Attack + 104% + 85% Defense against enemy Attack +65 and + 80% defense and I lost, to me it does not have logic does not make sense


Each unit is good against different types of units based on their classification. For example, Rail Guns are good against Hover Tanks and Exoskeleten soldiers but not as good against Drone swarms. You may hover over each type of unit in your Army screen and estimate which units are best when you know the type of Army you will be facing. Also against 8 Champions in FE I typically score between 100,000 to 120,000 tower points. Plus there is the whole terrain variables that can make a big difference.
Ok .. see link prntscr.com/c5qa6p.. I play on 3 servers - Beta - USA and European play in 17 worlds of Forges,
and that time, not exist yet Modern Era I think ended at Progressive Age, the G. buildings stopped climbing at level 10,
now only play on the Beta and USA server...world D...
what I mean It is that I know the game, is that something is wrong:(
just now rising to level 12 my cathedral of Saint Basil's
and my castle del Monte to level 15
and nothing has changed in the percentage of attack and defense
see link, it is the samepercentage : prntscr.com/c5qkuw


LvL 12 basil will not increase defensive boost.
LvL 15 CdM will increase boost +1% ONLY while attacking.


ok ... and then when I go up the castle del monte and
Saint Basil's Cathedral nothing changes in defense ???
Not sure if this is what you meant, but Basil only boosts the defense (and the attack) of the troops defending your city. Also boosts the support pool of your guild.

CDM boosts the attack (and the defense) of your attacking troops.
1 hour ago I went up st.basil's
and nothing has changed in the percentage of defense of my city ... but thanks for your explanation


Basil does not gain a boost at lvl 12. It will at 13 but not 12.
CdM is an attack GB. It should have boosted your attack and defense +1%...WHILE attacking only
It is for these and other reasons I've given up 15 worlds and now only play in 2
and not given up completely of all because I love FoE and dedicate thousands of hours to this game..


cattales is in a guild that still does point sieges on the AA map. Your guild does not.
That is why he can put up so many points. His guild is very close to being removed from the AA map so he may not be able to do this much longer. Your city is MUCH stronger than his. You should not be disappointed because you cant keep up with him in a tower. It is very hard to compete with peeps who play that way.
Your guild on D has been around for a long time. The peeps in your guild should be telling you all this. If they are not helping you grow...I would be looking for a new guild.