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Revelation Seeking a Few New Members


Should you ever be looking for a new guild, I’d like to recommend Revelation. It’s a laid back, very helpful and friendly guild. We have a mix of seasoned and newer players.

Attributes are:
-level 31 (3 FPs/day, 4 @ 34)
-60 members
-quick turnaround on trades
-wide variety of GB swap threads
-lots of support in getting an arc built
-active supportive members

Only requirements are:
- be active and consistent
- complete the first difficulty of GE each week, 2nd encouraged (1st level is really really easy!)
- aid guild members at least 3 times a week

I can toss you a guild invite any time.


We’re always recruiting, so come on over n give us a try! Helps if you have a quirky sense of humor!