RubberRomperAsylum seeking GE/tablet players


RubberRomperAsylum (RRA) is actively seeking players that enjoy maximum effort in the guild expedition. We are a very active group of predominately Phone/Tablet players that play to get 64/48 in the guild expedition every week. We spawned from Fireside Lounge, our previous guild, that we once used for players that are wanting to join us but need time to prepare city to be consistently GE capable but has since been dissolved.

Don't be intimidated by a 64 minimum!! It is far easier than it sounds. We have members that have achieved 64/48 every week beginning the very first GE they participated in after reaching Iron Age. (some going on 2years straight!!)

We are an older bunch that enjoy playing, maybe have a little too much free time and very tight budgets. You don't need to spend money on diamonds to achieve what we do ....but if you do like to speed things up a little and have the wherewithal, by all means spend away!

We are a results driven guild open to any experience level. We expect 64/48 every week. How you build your city to achieve that is completely up to the individual. We keep a revolving door policy where members may step out at any time (life gets busy, phone breaks, dog dies) if they expect they can not achieve 64. They are then welcome back when ready.

We expect:
64 in GE and active monitoring of competition progress.
Observatory as soon as able or before advancing beyond age at arrival or Iron Age.
Adherence to cost based trade calculator (forgeinfo/wikia) that some just Love to Hate!

here's what we offer:
Proven technique to reach maximum levels in the guild expedition with a collection of members that share the same dedication and enthusiasm
GB opportunity
Ample forge point swap threads (never have to spend a point on your own gb's)
Actively managed goods (we track and display guild's production capability to coordinate for maximum trading potential)
Sticks thread. (you build it and post it, we help grow it with mandatory minimums from all)
We are also a "if it's not locked it's not yours" environment so if you like to snipe guild members we welcome you too. Someone is going to snipe it, might as well be kept in house.

Come check us out, stick around if you like it, move on with well wishes if you don't. We aren't for everyone. Those who enjoy a coordinated GE effort and a fun, mostly drama free, guild environment come to appreciate the atmosphere.
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