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Searching for an active Guild


New Member
Looking for an active Guild. Wish to learn about Guild Battle Ground, and participate in threads.
My guild in Cirgard is not active unfortunately, but if you are willing to start a city over in Greifental, we would love to have you. Help build your city and share hints and tips in all aspects of the game including GBG.
Just let me know if we can help.

The Lady Redneck

Well-Known Member
Go through the profiles of different guilds. If they are active they will be in Diamond level GBG and have a high number of gold trophies for GE. Also Click on the guild profile to see all the members. If they have high battle numbers they are active. Read what the profile tells you about each guild to see what entry requirements they have. If you meet them and like the sound of the guild apply to join it. It usually has the name of which guild members you can apply to.

Some guilds also have training guilds for lower level players where you can go to bring you up to speed for the main guild. Or if you really like it there and get on you can stay and help teach others.


New Member
Hulloooo - if you are still looking, Halcyon is accepting new members. Rank hovers around 20-25, depending on what kind of no-good people get up to in GvG, All GE levels open, level 1 required. Arc a must but we will help you build/level it, and GBG program on the rise - fighting Diamond this phase, always at least Platinum.

Just An Observer

Active Member
Miltonio does not have an Arc, Obs or Atom. That kills off any chance of being in a decent guild since a player needs to support their guild's treasury so those camps can be built for GBG. Once that is accomplished, then they have a shot at playing for the GBG prizes!