Seeking group to powerlevel Hagia or Babel GBs for BPs


I am trying to assemble a group where we find a neutral mid-level Hagia Sophia or Tower of Babel and dump all our FPs into them for a few days. We can all get quick blueprints which is basically 200 diamonds.

Example: A 5 person group (Me + 4) could level a Tower of Babel or Hagia Sophia from 4-5 (210 FP/240 FP) in just 2 days, assuming each person donates an average of 21-24 forge points per day. That means 1 blueprint per 2 days.

Remember, 1 BP = 200 diamonds. 200 diamonds in 2 days at a cost of ~41-48 FP (2 days) per player.


You can join guild Houndsmoor Pirates if you or we can just be friends.

Let me know here or add friend (ezpk) and/or message ingame.
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