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Shake & Bake 48


Shake & Bake 48 is looking for players who can complete 48 encounters in GE each week with a goal of 64.

We strive to be #1 in GE each week and have fun doing it. Looking for like minded players who want to be 1st, but can have fun just playing.

If you ain't 1st, your last. But if you don't race.. . Well hell, you're last anyway.

We offer swap threads, trade threads, building up our 1.9 drop thread, good company, Gilligan's Island as well as Married With Children reruns, and free Taco Bell fire sauce.

Taco Bell fire sauce offer is valid at participating Taco Bell locations while supplies last.


I'm looking for a Guild. Needs to be a blend of experienced/new players. I've tried about 6 with no luck. Is anyone out there...........I'm good through Level II. Need to develop this account more.