Small Guilds in GvG


Small Guilds definitely have a disadvantage in GvG. I started in a small thinking I would rather own a whole small pie than join up to a huge pie and be a tiny slice. What I learned is having a small pie is meaningless since the best part of the game is GvG and to be successful you need a number of fighters to coordinate and traders to provide supply.

Once I decided to be a small slice I was able to enjoy the best part of this game. So my purpose with this thread is two-fold. First, to identify any small guilds that would want to merge up and really participate in GvG. Second, would be to find a way to allow small guilds to participate in GvG through alliances and coordination. If you fit either of these categories then please contact me and we will look for a solution. Either way a good discussion on the subject is always welcome.

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